All proceeds from the Cookbook support Skanda Vale Hospice, caring for the terminally ill.
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Skanda Vale Cookbook
Available for Phone and Tablet
The cookbook is a collection of recipes cooked by Guruji or cooked in the Hospice, or in the kitchen at Skanda Vale.
Designed to be easy to use on-the-go in a kitchen it also has a host of features under the surface.
Comprising a number of Booklets, each containing recipes. which include built-in booklets: 'Guruji's Favourites', 'Hospice Recipes' and 'Skanda Vale Kitchen'
It's largely programmable, the user can tailor the app by creating and editing booklets, recipes and menus.
Recipes can be saved in 'Favourites'.
There's a programmable timer. Automatic recipe updates are provided.
The number of serving specified for a recipe can be adjusted, re-scaling the ingredient quantities.
Ingredient measures are switchable between Imperial and Metric.
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