Some of the Apps included on this page are in final stage of development or awaiting publication.
The BowlsGroup provides websites solutions for bowling clubs. The app provides members of the bowling clubs with details of fixtures, league tables, competitions. calendars, news and photo galleries.
The app appearance uses the theme of the assigned bowing club.
It's free.
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Skanda Vale Cookbook
The cookbook is a collection of recipes cooked by Guruji or cooked in the Hospice or monastery kitchen.
Designed to be easy to use on-the-go in a kitchen it also has a host of features under the surface.
The app comprises a number of Booklets, each containing recipes. For example, the built-in booklets include: 'Guruji's Favourites', 'Hospice Recipes' and 'Skanda Vale Kitchen'
It's largely programmable, the user can tailor the app, creating and editing booklets, recipes and menus.
Recipes can be save in a 'Favourites booklet.
There's a programmable timer. Automatic recipe updates can be enabled.
The number of serving specified for a recipe can be adjusted, re-scaling the ingredients accordingly.
A new feature provides for use of Imperial measures - the default is metric.
The HACCP Diary provides commercial food outlets with a tool for managing HACCP records.
Activities can be recorded on a daily, week and 4-weekly basis, and printed in PDF format.
It is almost entirely programmable, allowing the user to tailor the app to the particular company.
The app provided recording of all aspects of the HACCP Diary 4-weekly activities with extensions for Cleaning, temperatures and deliveries.